Experience The Flying, A New Era of Poetry

by Alexandra Psaropoulou

Long Poems that Teleport the reader..

With her simple and very dynamic words and graphic designs she elevates the reader into her magical world taking them on an emotional and spiritual journey.

Books full of graphics and poetry, fused like never before

DPI of vibrant colors surrounding simple and very dynamic words that teleport the reader

Years of making paintings, graphics and poetry to finally merge everything into a symphony of colors and words that move her audience in a unique way.

of Book sales of “All The Stars”, one of Alexandra’s first books where she creates her own style of modern poetry.

All The Stars Reviews

One of our reviewers of Poetry Books

‘All the Stars’ has a very unique feel, expressing poetry and a sense of spirituality with a lyrical narrative. The digital visual is very refreshing and shares a message and energy through the use of combining the visuals and texts, playing on emotion with the use of colour. I think of the moment when colour photography was invented and the American photographer William Eggleston’s work, particularly of ‘The Red Ceiling’ (1973), which is powerful and a clear example of the experimentation of the powers of colour.

One of our reviewers of Poetry Books

Alexandra’s book ALL THE STARS is unique in its genre work which expresses a significant, universal message through the combination of poetry and digital designs. The subject of the work is timely and timeless with a special focus on spiritual and emotional development and creativity. Within this context, its mission is to enhance a positive, creative outlook on all aspects of life. The poem is simple yet very profound. It addresses every age and social level.

One of our reviewers of Poetry Books

Life is all about finding the link between ‘self’ “and” the universe; at least, the book by Alexandra says the same. Her wonderful book of poems coupled with amazing pictures starts with an “and” and takes us to a journey of life that culminates with a verse starting with “and” as well! In short, the poetess understands that life is a strife to find solace, and we keep following that “and”. As you turn the pages of the book, you will begin with an encounter with the celestial imagery and lines accompanying them.

Alexandra Psaropoulou, the Greek poet writing in English, has a rare talent as a visual poet, combining colourful and engaging designs with an elemental, sensual, simple and rhythmic poetic style. She takes the reader on a poetic journey in a manner that is inviting and accessible to all readers. Indeed, there is a heartening child-like quality to her work that is enriching and enlivening. The reader is slowed down to a contemplative atmosphere where small and subtle shifts of mood take the reader forward to different moments of being. Metaphors of flight, flying, the wind, and lines of movement further…

David Caddy, Tears in the fence

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Alexandra is a visual poetic artist and personality on the leading edge of a young, new, global sensibility. Each one of her books is one long poem with beautiful graphic designs of her own.

The designs are intrinsically part of the whole serving to reinforce the cosmic, elemental and lived part of the poetic journey towards spiritual fulfillment. The poems are centered on a first-person narrative attempting to transcend dead-ends calling upon inner will and imagination to create, both internally and externally, and enact the vision of a life longed for.

Alexandra uses simple words and thus has more rhythmic pressure over the longer poem. The special vision of the poem and designs is particularly effective in making great use of colors, shapes, and sounds. Great use of precise language. Small and subtle shifts in most parts, which create great rhythm and sense of movement, and the understanding of sound has beautifully captured the dreamscape of her vision.

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