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The visual poems, with colourful and unique graphic designs, take the reader on a superb inner flight. Alexandra is a modern spiritualist, whose poetic style and innovative computer art empower uplift and inspire along the path of spiritual & personal growth.

Each book offers a unique “inner flying” along this path.

Meet Alexandra Psaropolou

Alexandra Psaropoulou - Greek Visual Poet and Artist - Author of The Flying series - Illustrated poetry and graphic art - spiritual uplifting new age poetry

Alexandra is a visual poetic artist and personality on the leading edge of a young, new, global sensibility. Each one of her books is one long poem with beautiful graphic designs of her own.
The designs are intrinsically part of the whole serving to reinforce the cosmic, elemental and lived part of the poetic journey towards spiritual fulfillment. The poems are centered on a first-person narrative attempting to transcend dead-ends calling upon inner will and imagination to create, both internally and externally, and enact the vision of a life longed for.

Alexandra uses simple words and thus has more rhythmic pressure over the longer poem. The special vision of the poem and designs is particularly effective in making great use of colors, shapes, and sounds. Great use of precise language. Small and subtle shifts in most parts, which create great rhythm and sense of movement, and the understanding of sound has beautifully captured the dreamscape of her vision.

All The Stars - Illustrated poetry books by Alexandra Psaropoulou Visual Poet and Artist
All Blown Up - Illustrated poetry books by Alexandra Psaropoulou Visual Poet and Artist
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Beyond Flying

Discover the enchanting world of Alexandra Psaropolou’s books:

“All the Stars” takes you on a poetic journey through celestial imagery and profound lines, inviting you to explore the beauty and philosophy of life.

In “All Blown Up,” Alexandra’s poetic prowess intertwines with captivating graphic designs, creating a mesmerizing experience that will leave you inspired.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Alexandra Psaropolou’s books and let her words and art transport you to extraordinary realms.

Readers Reviews

Sher Chandley

Beautiful poem and visual presentation. A vision that finds resonance in the poles and contrasts of human attitude and behavior in the cycles of the season and contrasts in the natural images that surround us. It seeks a universal ethereal balance in embracing dichotomies. It is a vision latching onto love consciousness and promoting the ideal adds to the tide of light we so desperately need. Brilliant write Alexandra, it's a pointer to scale what we believe and what we really do or endorse...

Jeffrey Palmer

I adore your work, the visuals, the simple wording, yet so powerful in the way it reaches out to the reader. It fills me with a sense of hope that is hard to see sometimes in the world we live. The use of media as a method of audience reception is quite lovely and relates to a generation that is open to receive poetry in different ways, than just the written word. Bravo Alexandra. And yes, message and the lyrics hit at the heart and soul. Something very hard to accomplish. Simplicity, but eloquent and confident.

Stathis Livadas

“Flying 9” a marvelous intoxicating mix of delicate thoughtful poetic moments. Each perfect poetic vision is accompanied by delicate ephemeral visions, reduced to their elemental pure linear essence. Images, as glorious and magnificent as those seen in clouds, and as delicate and elusive as light sparkling on waves. This charming work, beautiful and powerful in its metaphors, reminds this former laser artist of the pure atomic color found in laser art. Drink this book with your eyes and with your heart

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