Alexandra Psaropoulou

- A glance of my story-

The new and the old world.

The energy of Greece is very important to me and even though I spent quite a few years away studying in the UK, Paris and New York, I always longed to return to the sea, sun, olive groves and vineyards, and the special feeling of Greece. When I lived in Manhattan for a year I first came across the idea of graphic designs accompanying my poems and I took a graphic design course in Greece. I slowly developed my own style of writing and designing.

The awakening.

I have often had visions while in an awakened state, and in 2001 I had a very intense connection with a higher channel or Source, full of Light. I felt like I was half in this world half in another world, like I was “flying” spiritually, like I could see the entire universe in every small flower. This inspired “The Flying series”, where each poem with graphics takes me a little further up the path of self growth and enlightenment, always following my visions.

From Ashes to Rebirth.

In 2018 my entire house burnt down with all my family’s belongings and all I had left were my poems with designs and photos saved online. My entire existence and purpose remained in these books which I carry on creating. I would love to share “The Flying” and empower and uplift other people, regardless of race, gender, age, or interests. Moreover, the combination of one long poem with graphic designs makes it more appealing and compelling to a wider audience.