Flying 1

07th Jun 2022, author: 0n3

Review of Flying 1

Whenever I pick up one of Alexandra Psaropoulou’s books from her Flying series, I know I am about to be taken on a mentally intriguing and emotionally stimulating journey.

At various points within the flying series, I am met with poetic displays of rigid dichotomy between light and dark. Each page generates a thought provoking experience, inviting pause for thought, before turning.

Alexandra’s beautiful play on words beckons you to keep on turning, until you are brought to a state where you feel you somehow recognise (or perhaps even remember) the aspects of duality she writes about.

She manages to magically throw qualities of light and shade on these aspects of duality, whilst simultaneously and poetically refusing to relinquish humankind’s innate desires, expectations, aspirations, ambitions, dreams and wishes.

Alexandra draws on the pleasure and pain we encounter on our journeys through life, yet every page is tinged with hope, refusal to be drawn down, to remain in a perpetual heightened state of anticipation, without being drawn into the emotions or thoughts that would prevent us from perpetually Flying.

The Flying series is a highly recommended and thought provoking read and provides much needed healing properties for these trying times.


Brucella Newman-Persaud

Actress | London, UK, 2021