Flying 11

26th Jul 2022, author: 0n3

From Canada with Love

Your work is brilliant. Your writing is visionary. Very deep and thought-provoking. I really enjoyed the visual poem you sent me. Your graphic designs are unique. Best of luck to you on your journey. I look forward to hearing more of your work…


Edward Bicket

Poet |Canada 2022

Ethereal Balance

Beautiful poem and visual presentation. A vision that finds resonance in the poles and contrasts of human attitude and behavior in the cycles of the season and contrasts in the natural images that surround us. It seeks a universal ethereal balance in embracing dichotomies. It is a vision latching onto love consciousness and promoting the ideal adds to the tide of light we so desperately need. Brilliant write Alexandra, it’s a pointer to scale what we believe and what we really do or endorse…


Sher Chandley

South Africa 2022.

Representation of life

I enjoy the way in which you’ve incorporated a sense of balance throughout the journey of life – the climbing and descending, storms and peace, rocky ledges and seas. Very eloquently written and delivered…


Tom Cleary

Poet | USA, 2022.