Flying 2

07th Jun 2022, author: 0n3

Ambassador at Every Child Lifeline Charity Foundation

Alexandra Psaropoulou’s book is a pure gift to us all. It’s a wowser. It’s more than a book as its words like swords have the power to pierce through one’s heart and to kiss the core of a soul. She deliberately chooses her words that are sweetly marinated and carry such a great depth. Her graphics are shades of heaven that are so enchanting evoking one to see beyond words. Her book is a great creation and I would proudly recommend it to every reader who does appreciate art and literature.

Please do accept my heartfelt review. Congratulations once more.


Benedixio Moore Khoti

Writer | Poet | Publisher | Zambia  2021

Review of Flying 2

Flying 2 sees you flying high in another imaginative creation. I tell you, you should always aim high in your poetic grace for your skills are such that you can reach the poetic heights. You fly high with each wonderful piece in this series. You belong in the stars, singing your songs while your soul flies. Your poetry shall always sing in the heights. With poetry of this calibre you fly high. It is both an honour and a pleasure to connect with your mind.


Michael Clarke

Poet | Scotland  2021