Flying 3

07th Jun 2022, author: 0n3

The Aegean is precious.

The term αιτιοκρατία (determinism ) harbours nothing disreputable: We live with it every day. There is an act and the corresponding counter act(s). You have to expect it (them). Myths and fairy tales violate determinism and they thus generate poetry. I think that this is what you do in your marvelous books. They transcend reality. The fascination of quantum mechanics is precisely that it violates determinism of classical Physics and generates something beyond ordinary reality.


Lambis Makrides

Physics Professor | 2015

Review of Flying 3

“I adore your work, the visuals, the simple wording, yet so powerful in the way it reaches out to the reader. It fills me with a sense of hope that is hard to see sometimes in the world we live.

The use of media as a method of audience reception is quite lovely and relates to a generation that is open to receive poetry in different ways, than just the written word. Bravo Alexandra.

And yes, message and the lyrics hit at the heart and soul. Something very hard to accomplish. Simplicity, but eloquent and confident.”


Jeffrey Palmer.

Assistant Professor of Mass Communication at University of Central Oklahoma.|  2017