Flying 4

07th Jun 2022, author: 0n3

The Flying series, by Alexandra Psaropoulou.

Alexandra’s poems and designs all start from one main theme which creates its own harmonic ripples as it unravels. The initial theme, melodic and rhythmic, verse and visual, contains the sprouting buds of the whole work. Hence, the opening pages of each poem set forth a hypnotizing, escalating momentum. The way her message expands in each book is similar to a harmonious musical synthesis with vibrant hues. The message is amplified in an intensifying pattern and each crescendo culminates in a “spiritual flying”. Her poetic and illustrative patterns have many personal and universal qualities which create the basic source of vibrations from which more vibrations are set in motion, like the butterfly effect in the theory of chaos.


Panagiotis Fakinos

Classical guitar soloist | 2020