Flying 7

07th Jun 2022, author: 0n3

 A remarkable visionary journey

I found the poem both simple and profound but I was especially enamoured by the art. Being no artist, I found the art-work irresistible. The visuals are abstract, beautifully repetitive whilst being simultaneously inclusive of immense diversity – a contradiction in terms which nonetheless draws attention to love’s uniqueness. Impressions abound and movement is everywhere going and coming back to its core-source and centre – a great way to express the profundity of love and its anchorage. Then there are the colours and spaces (white). They reinforce the cerebral sense the reader cannot help but create. The words sometimes tell the reader of Alexandra’s love but her illustrations re-enforce it. They seem electronic, vastly impressionistic, futuristic, artistic, of the past and more, and can in their own way express the permanence and universality of individual love, seeming contradictions “articulated” effortlessly, or so it would seem.


Zoe Valaoritis

Greek-American poet/artist| 2019