Flying 9

07th Jun 2022, author: 0n3

A well conceived, creative piece of poetry.

Now, Flying 9 does take us into the heart of a poet’s soul. You write with such soulful grace, each line singing the thought of the soul. Once again the words and the visions merge into a wonderful piece of creative skill. Your words are ever flowing and your song does touch the soul of the reader. I have to say that it has been a pleasure and an honour to have read this poetic piece. It is very rare to read poetic grace in this day and age. I have found the poetic grace I always seek. This is such a well conceived, creative piece of poetry. Always let your soul sing, for you do it so well.


Stathis Livadas

Poet | Fife | Scotland 2021

Flying 9 – An amazing poetic arts book.

You will find in “Flying 9” a marvelous intoxicating mix of delicate thoughtful poetic moments. Each perfect poetic vision is accompanied by delicate ephemeral visions, reduced to their elemental pure linear essence.

Images, as glorious and magnificent as those seen in clouds, and as delicate and elusive as light sparkling on waves. This charming work, beautiful and powerful in its metaphors, reminds this former laser artist of the pure atomic color found in laser art. Drink this book by Alexandra Psaropoulou with your eyes and with your heart.



Richard Spisak

Adjunct Instructor | Producer | USA 2021