Alexandra Psaropoulou, the Greek poet writing in English, has a rare talent as a visual poet, combining colourful and engaging designs with an elemental, sensual, simple and rhythmic poetic style. She takes the reader on a poetic journey in a manner that is inviting and accessible to all readers. Indeed, there is a heartening child-like quality to her work that is enriching and enlivening. The reader is slowed down to a contemplative atmosphere where small and subtle shifts of mood take the reader forward to different moments of being. Metaphors of flight, flying, the wind, and lines of movement further ingrain the visual and sonic patterns. There is a deep sense of the dreaming self at home in the cosmic fire of life and love. Beneath the precise and rhythmic poetry lies the visionary core of the swirling universe that anchors and inspires the self towards another becoming. I thoroughly recommend all of her work for its sheer pleasure of engagement and its undoubted quality. Alexandra is a relatively unique and special visual poet of considerable distinction.

David Caddy, Tears in the fence